Common Area Caution

After completion of the beach project, the contractor graded and seeded the common area after which the seeded area was covered with straw, which was covered with nylon netting to hold the straw in place.

After a couple of storms, some of the netting was blown away.  On Tuesday, March 28, Frank Goyette and Joe Schlatter placed straw blankets over the areas from which the netting had blown away.

Grass is beginning to sprout under the straw — we need to protect the new grass until late this summer at which time it will be fairly well established.

CAUTION:  Although the netting is secured to the ground with wire staples, the netting still presents a tripping hazard because the net can catch on shoes and can bunch up under your feet.




Refurbishing our neighborhood signs

Two signs in the Potomac Bay Estates are showing their age — the welcome sign at the entrance to the neighborhood, and, the sign at the entrance to the common area at the western end of Potomac Drive.

Two of our resident couples have agreed to refurbish these signs:  Marie and Buddy Catterton will work on the main entrance sign while Kathy and Don Peebles will restore the common area sign.

Here are “before” photos.

Here’s the sign at the entrance to the neighborhood



And here’s the sign at the entrance to the common area.



We will post photos as work progresses.

Beach Project Completed!!

Today — Friday, March 10 — marked the end of a week in which our contractor and neighborhood volunteers completed work on our beach project.  Photos of the completed project are in our Photo Album on page Beach Project Completed.

On Monday and Tuesday, the contractor placed stringers from the 8 X 10 deck to pilings in the Potomac River, ready for volunteers to extend the deck to its full length.  The contractor then graded the common area so water will run into the ditch along the road, through the culvert and into Presley Creek.  He seeded the area with contractor mix grass seed and Bermuda grass then covered the seeded area with straw and plastic net.  The contractor mix grass should sprout in 2-3 weeks.   The Bermuda will not sprout until temperatures are consistently above 80 degrees; this grass will provide a thick carpet.

On Wednesday, the materials to complete the deck were delivered.

On Thursday, aided by spring-like temperatures and a calm, sunny day volunteers completed most of the work on the extended deck.  Thanks to Dave Williams, Frank Goyette, Ray Michelini and Joe Schlatter from the neighborhood, as well as Dave Hancock, our neighbor at Kritter Korner.

The weather turned nasty on Friday with rain showers, increasing winds from the Northwest and falling temperatures.  Nevertheless, Dave Williams, Frank Goyette, Don Peebles, Sandy Rowe, and Joe Schlatter completed the deck by installing guard rails and top rails.

Two minor tasks remain:  (1) installing signs, and, (2) planting salt-tolerant grass along the top of the bulkhead.

CAUTION:  Most of the common area was graded and seeded.  The seeded area is covered with straw and plastic net.  Although the plastic net is stapled to the ground, it creates a tripping hazard.  When you walk over the parts of the common area covered by net, please watch your step as your feet can become entangled in the net.  Watch children closely.  After the grass has sprouted and begun to establish itself, we will remove the net.  Until then, please be careful.



Osprey and Bluebirds arrive in the neighborhood

Spring must be here — at least that’s what the birds are saying!

Today in the neighborhood we saw a pair of ospreys and a male bluebird – Monday, March 6.

Around noon, a pair of Osprey arrived in the tall pine trees on the western end of the causeway.  Osprey are migratory, arriving here around mid-March and leaving in mid- to late-October.  Five or more pair usually nest in the neighborhood:  in the tall pines around Presley Creek; on the two nesting platforms  in Presley Creek near Lot 52; and, on the nesting platform in the Potomac behind 217 Potomac Drive.  They can be observed all summer, tending young in the nests and catching fish in the river.  Occasionally an osprey pair will build a nest on a dock.

Late this afternoon we watched a male Eastern Bluebird investigating the bluebird nesting boxes in the yard behind 196 Potomac Drive.

Beach Project Status

Construction started on our beach restoration project on January 9 and continued through the end of February.  Photos of the project are in our Photo Album, Beach Project page.

Marine construction — that is, construction in the water — is prohibited between February 15 and June 30 so as not to interfere with spawning and migrating fish and crabs.  On-shore construction that does not disturb the water can continue.

As of March 3, our contractor still has work to do, primarily to clean up the common area by grading, removing sand and other construction material, and sow grass.  After July 1, the contractor will return to complete work to strengthen the old breakwater.

Neighborhood volunteers will work to extend the new observation deck by approximately 50 feet.   This work will start after materials arrive and the weather permits.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project.  The neighborhood has discussed and planned this project for several years and, although there is still work to do,  it is gratifying to see the project coming to a successful conclusion.

March 3, 2017

Welcome to our new website

This is the new website of Potomac Bay Estates, a friendly neighborhood in Northumberland County, Virginia, at the confluence of the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

As of early March 2017, the site is under construction.  At the top of the page and along the right side of the page are links to:

  • Photo Album, which has sub-pages of photos from the neighborhood.
  • Links to:
    • attractions and activities in our area
    • our county’s official website
    • our neighborhood weather station
  • Property Owners Association documents.  This page contains the POA Bylaws and Restrictive Covenants, and, a Board of Directors roster.
  • A Contact page that will send an email to us.
  • Minutes.  Minutes of Board meetings and Annual meetings.

Thanks for visiting our new website.  Please bookmark this site and come back to visit.