Beach Project Status

Construction started on our beach restoration project on January 9 and continued through the end of February.  Photos of the project are in our Photo Album, Beach Project page.

Marine construction — that is, construction in the water — is prohibited between February 15 and June 30 so as not to interfere with spawning and migrating fish and crabs.  On-shore construction that does not disturb the water can continue.

As of March 3, our contractor still has work to do, primarily to clean up the common area by grading, removing sand and other construction material, and sow grass.  After July 1, the contractor will return to complete work to strengthen the old breakwater.

Neighborhood volunteers will work to extend the new observation deck by approximately 50 feet.   This work will start after materials arrive and the weather permits.

Thanks to everyone who supported this project.  The neighborhood has discussed and planned this project for several years and, although there is still work to do,  it is gratifying to see the project coming to a successful conclusion.

March 3, 2017

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