Osprey and Bluebirds arrive in the neighborhood

Spring must be here — at least that’s what the birds are saying!

Today in the neighborhood we saw a pair of ospreys and a male bluebird – Monday, March 6.

Around noon, a pair of Osprey arrived in the tall pine trees on the western end of the causeway.  Osprey are migratory, arriving here around mid-March and leaving in mid- to late-October.  Five or more pair usually nest in the neighborhood:  in the tall pines around Presley Creek; on the two nesting platforms  in Presley Creek near Lot 52; and, on the nesting platform in the Potomac behind 217 Potomac Drive.  They can be observed all summer, tending young in the nests and catching fish in the river.  Occasionally an osprey pair will build a nest on a dock.

Late this afternoon we watched a male Eastern Bluebird investigating the bluebird nesting boxes in the yard behind 196 Potomac Drive.

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