Thanks, Kathy and Don Peebles — Rebuilt Common Area Sign

The old sign at the entrance to the common area at the western end of Potomac Drive has been given new life thanks to Kathy and Don Peebles.  The old sign was designed, built, and painted by Carol Seymour.  Over the years, weather had taken a heavy toll on the sign, so, Kathy and Don took on the mission of refurbishing the sign.

They removed the old letters; sanded, scraped and repainted the sign background; purchased new letters as needed then cleaned and painted all the letters.  Here’s the rebuilt sign.


And here’s the “before” sign:


Thank you, Kathy and Don!!

Marie and Buddy Catterton are working on the sign at the neighborhood entrance.  After almost 15 years, the old carved wooden sign had been attacked by termites as well as the weather.  Marie and Buddy removed the sign from its mounting about two weeks ago.  Since then, they have cleaned and painted the mounting posts; scraped the old paint from the sign; applied several coats of primer-sealer; and are now painting the sign.  It should be done and back in place by early May.