PBE POA Meeting Agendas

Three meetings of the Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners Association are scheduled for June 2 and June 3, 2017.

PBE POA Board of Directors Meeting

  • Friday, June 2
  • 10:00 AM
  • Williams home, 4142 Newman’s Neck Road
  • POA members are welcome to attend Board meetings.
  • Agenda for this meeting is available at this link:  Agenda PBE BOARD Meeting_June 2_2017_v.01

PBE POA Annual Meeting

  • Saturday, June 3
  • 1:00 PM
  • Hulse home, 324 Potomac Drive
  • Agenda for the annual meeting is available at this link:  Agenda PBE POA-Annual 0603_2017_v.02_0526_
  • Pot-luck lunch at 12:00 noon.  Association furnishes hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments.  Please bring a side dish or dessert, or both.  For beer or wine, BYOB
  • PLEASE RSVP to via email to potomacbaypoa@hotmail.com

PBE POA Board of Directors Meeting

  • The Board will meet immediately following the annual meeting.
  • Members are welcome to attend the Board meeting.
  • Agenda will depend upon decisions made at the annual meeting.


PBE POA President’s letter to members

 President’s Letter PBE – POA Annual Meeting June 3, 2017

As we look forward to the June 3rd Annual Meeting – Here are a few lines to update you on recent successes and to request your ideas for the coming year, 2017-18.

Thanks to Martha Hulse and Joe Schlatter for their technical expertise updating the improved PBE website, https://pbepoa.com/.

As most have read the winter construction phase of the Beach project ended March 10th. Construction is now 90% complete, and we are in the “wait and see” mode while “Mother Nature” grows the freshly planted grasses and brings more sand for the beach area. By September, we will make decisions on what else is needed based on how well the plantings have grown and how much sand has accumulated. Our Project Lead, Ray Michelini, will provide a detailed update in June.

As we all know, the normal wind and tides have become more variable these last few years. Hopefully, the summer weather patterns will continue to enhance our new stone protection breakwater, spurs, wooden stairs, and observation pier.

The Board wishes to express its sincere appreciation to the POA members who volunteered time and made generous financial contributions to the project, over and above their assessments. My personal gratitude goes to the Board for their many hours of detailed planning and meetings. Special appreciation to the Rowe’s for their initial and subsequent financial gifts. Thanks to Kathy & Don Peebles for the beach sign restorations and to Marie & Buddy Catterton for the total renovated PBE welcome sign. Special thanks also go to the one-third of POA Members whose extra-assessment gifts totaling over $5,000 were used to purchase construction materials for the observation pier, which can be enjoyed by all POA Members and guests. This self-help project provides a grand over-the-water view of the Potomac as well as providing a great fishing spot.

The PBE beach project has been a very successful enhancement for the greater POA community. Our members can now enjoy our recreational spaces, safe in the knowledge that the waterfront bulkhead and access road are well protected.

Please write down an idea or two of what you would like to see accomplished, added, or changed this next year. Make a note of how you might contribute to our PBE next success and bring it in writing on June 3rd. In addition to an update on the beach project, the agenda includes updates on safety signage, the water system, and necessary By-Laws changes.

Thanks for your continuing diligent work and support to the Officers and  Directors

Dave Williams, President PBE – Property Owners Association

A reminder of our annual meeting

The Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners Association 2017 Annual Meeting will be held:

Saturday, June 3, 2017

1:00 PM

Hulse home, 324 Potomac Drive

Potluck lunch at 12:00 noon.

The POA will provide hot dogs, hamburgers, buns, condiments, soda, water.  Please bring a side dish or dessert to share.  If you want wine or beer, please BYOB.

If you are not able to attend, please submit a proxy form designating another POA member as your proxy for voting.   Proxy form 2017

POA members will elect four Board members at this annual meeting. Board members are elected for a three-year term, except in the case of a member’s resignation when someone will be elected to fill the unexpired portion of that member’s term.

Currently, two Board members’ terms are expiring, both have indicated they will run for re-election for full terms, June 2017 – June 2020.

Two other Board positions are vacant as a result of resignations and need to be filled: One for a term expiring June 2018 and one for a full term, June 2017 – June 2020.

If you are interested in serving the neighborhood as a Board member, please respond by email to Sallie Mullen, Chair, Nominating Committee