Watching Hurricane Irma

We need to keep our eye on the weather toward the end of this week, beginning around Friday-Saturday, September 8-9.

Hurricane Irma currently is in the Atlantic Ocean and has strengthened to Category 3 — 110 MPH winds. While it is still a bit early for definitive tracking, the predicted tracks have Irma making landfall on the US early next week — Sep 10 – 14 — anywhere from Florida to Virginia. One track shows the storm entering the Chesapeake Bay. Other predictions show it veering out to sea and not making landfall.

This article describes the variables affecting Irma as well as showing the many different possible tracks.

The article concludes: “All we can say right now is that the U.S. East Coast and Gulf Coast all need to monitor the progress of Irma.”


You can follow Irma at the National Hurricane Center website:

Their tracking shows Irma hitting the Bahamas Friday at “major hurricane” level — at least Cat 3.

We likely will not know if the storm poses a threat to our neighborhood until late this week.  Watch this website for information.  Monitor local TV and radio stations for weather updates.

If you visit the neighborhood during the Labor Day weekend, or the week of Sep 4 – 9, please check your property

  • store all outdoor furniture, toys, boat accessories, fishing tackle, etc. inside

  • be certain all doors and windows are closed securely and locked

  • lash down your boat VERY SECURELY, or, if possible, remove the boat from the neighborhood

  • contact one of us year-round residents and give us your contact information in case we need to contact you about your property

  • watch the weather predictions for the neighborhood