Hurricane Irma Update: Wednesday, Sep 6, 7:00 AM EDST

The current track for Hurricane Irma, issued by the National Hurricane Center, shows the storm making landfall on southern Florida late Sunday night/early Monday morning.

Sep 6_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind

If this track continues:

If this track continues, after making landfall on Florida, the storm will loose strength as it moves across land.  In this case, Irma will effect us on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday — Sep 12-14 — with rain and high winds.  However, by the time Irma reaches our neighborhood, it will no longer be a hurricane or a tropical storm.

Other models show Irma moving up the East Coast:

Other computer models that analyze changes in Irma’s track caused by high- and low-pressure areas suggest the storm could miss Florida and come ashore along the southeastern Atlantic Coast.

irma models sep 6

Some of these computer models suggest Irma could affect us as a hurricane.

What to do:

Continue to watch the National Hurricane Center, local weather reports, and this website.

If you are in the neighborhood over the next few days, please secure your outside furniture, grills, boat, boat accessories — or anything else that is not tied down.  Move these items inside; tie them down; or, stash them under your deck.  Ensure your doors and windows are closed and locked.  Give your contact information to one of us who lives here year-round.