Hurricane Irma Update: Thursday, Sep 7, 10:00 PM EDST

This forecast map from the National Hurricane Center indicates Irma will make landfall in south Florida — probably at/near Miami — then will move north-northwest, hitting:

  • Savannah, Georgia, Monday afternoon as a hurricane (winds 74-110 MPH)
  • Knoxville, Tennessee, Tuesday afternoon as a tropical storm (winds 39 – 73 MPH)

sep 7 track_5day_cone_no_line_and_wind

If this track holds, our neighborhood will feel only moderate effects from Irma, if anything at all.  However, the prudent action to take is to be prepared for high winds and heavy rain:

  • Secure all outdoor items — furniture, boat accessories, lawn ornaments.
  • Be certain your boat is lashed down VERY securely, if you cannot bring it ashore.
  • Make certain all doors and windows are closed and locked.

This compilation of possible tracks from the Cyclocane website reinforces the National Hurricane Center track projections with most of the projected tracks moving inland.

irma spaghetti sep 7

The latest track for Hurricane Jose indicates the storm will veer out to sea and should not affect us.

sep 7 jose

While the tracks for Irma and Jose are good news for our neighborhood, watch this site for updated information on these and other storms.  Remember:  Hurricane season does not end until November 30.




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