Yes, it’s C O L D !! Take winter precautions.

Winter has arrived.  Low temperature tonight (Dec 27, 2017) is forecast to be in the ‘teens with daily highs in the 30’s, maybe into the 40’s.  These low temperatures will continue well into the new year.

These low temperatures can cause burst pipes in houses that are not occupied.  Here are some tips for full-time and part-time residents:

  • If the house is to be empty for a while, especially for part-time residents, set your thermostat on at least 55 degrees.  That way, the house will be kept warm enough to prevent pipes from freezing without adding too much to your electrical bill.
  • If you use propane heat, check your propane tank and fill it if necessary.
  • Check your crawl space door — make certain it is secure.  A couple of years ago, a crawl space door was blown open by high winds, causing sub-freezing temperatures to develop in the crawl space which cause pipes under the house to freeze and burst.
  • Make certain your doors and windows are closed securely — high winds can open doors.
  • In your kitchen, especially if you are a part-time resident, leave cabinet doors under the sink open.  In many cases, the pipes that serve your kitchen sink are against an outside wall and can freeze.  By leaving the cabinet doors open, you allow warm air from the house to circulate into the area under the sink, thereby preventing frozen pipes.

We check the gauges in the well house every couple of days to see how much water is being used.  If we see a spike in water usage without a corresponding increase in the number of people in the neighborhood, that can indicate a burst pipe somewhere.  If this happens, we will investigate.  If we find a burst pipe, we will turn off the water to that house (if possible); we will call a plumber; and, we will call the homeowner.

Tundra swans are back!!

December 24, 2017 — Several Northern birds migrate to our area where they remain over the winter.  Regular winter migratory visitors to our neighborhood include Tundra Swans (Cygnus columbianus) and Buffleheads (Bucephala albeola).

A group of eight Tundra Swans was spotted on Presley Creek around noon, Sunday, Dec. 24.  In previous years we have seen as many as 30-plus Tundras.

Here’s a photo of the group seen Dec 24.  Tundra Swans feed on underwater vegetation — notice several of these swans have their heads under water, feeding.


PBE POA President’s Christmas Letter

Merry Christmas to all our Members and Happy Holidays

As the 2017 holidays approach, I wanted to express my appreciation to all our members, board directors, project officers, and our extended family of volunteers for the on-going support you provided during a busy and successful 2017.

Our major accomplishment was the long-awaited completion of the PBE POA Beach Stabilization Project. Many hours and ever more dollars have been invested in securing our common area beach, bulkhead, and fishing pier for the long-term benefit for our members and their guests, in the coming years. Years of planning and many hours of detailed discussion and legal documentation have finally come to fruition – Thank You Ray & Volunteers!

Other notable projects; I will call-out three: first the beautiful renovated signage at our community entry and beach areas – Thanks Buddy – Marie and Don – Katherine. Second our secure and technically advanced website; . Thank you Joe Schlatter for monthly postings and maintenance and Martha Hulse for your technical acumen and consultation for this secure implementation.

Our third success is behind the scenes with Tink Seymour’s on-going Community Watch and CINC grass cutting over-watch – Thanks Tink.

I will stop here to say thanks to each member who took pride in your plantings and lawns this past year. Thanks for investing your time to make our community a better place to live and to visit.

As we welcome 2018 – I ask that we keep our optimistic outlook for the future and rededicate ourselves to our personal health, our community well-being, and happiness. Let’s continue to keep smiling, give thanks for our many blessings, and continue to offer our neighbors a wave, a thank you, and a helping hand.

God Bless you and yours in 2018. May you enjoy good health.

Dave Williams, President PBE – Property Owners Association

Winter storm: As of Sunday morning

As of Sunday morning, December 10, 7:00 AM:  We missed the worst of the predicted winter storm.

From Friday night, Dec 8, until after midnight, Dec 9-10, our neighborhood experienced cold rain mixed with snow; snow; winds up to 5 MPH; and, temperatures around and sometimes below freezing.  We had almost no accumulation of snow in the neighborhood, with snow dusting the ground in most places.

However, most of Northumberland County experienced 2 – 3 inches of snow except on the roads — roads remained clear, although roads were wet.

As of Sunday morning, Dec 10, skies are clearing.  Here’s a link to the weather forecast for the next few days.


As of 5:00 PM, EST, Friday, December 8:


* WHAT…Expect rain or snow to transition to all snow this evening, especially across the western part of the county. Plan on slippery travel conditions.

Total wet snow accumulations of 1 to 4 inches across the eastern part of the county and up to 5
inches across the western part of Northumberland County.

* WHERE…Northumberland County.

* WHEN…From 7 PM this evening to 4 PM EST Saturday.

* ADDITIONAL DETAILS…Be prepared for significant reductions in
visibility at times.