Winter storm has arrived!!!!!

The predicted winter storm arrived in our neighborhood just before 10:00 PM, January 3 and as of 7:30 AM, January 4, winds are from the NW at 15 – 20 MPH with gusts as high as 35 MPH.

Snow started just before 10:00 PM, Jan 3, and continues as of 7:30 AM, Jan 4.  Because of the wind, accumulation is difficult to report.  In some places, the road and grassy areas are free of snow, in other places, drifts are one foot deep.

Current temperature (7:30 AM, Jan 4) is 23 degrees with wind chill of 9 – 11 degrees.

Check our neighborhood weather station for details.

Here are photos taken from a window facing the Potomac River; Thursday, Jan 4, 7:30 AM.  Snow is still falling.