Save the Date: Alpaca shearing

The Hancock family, our neighbors at Critter Corner, will be shearing their alpacas on
  • Saturday, April 7
  • 9:00 – 11:00 AM. 
Everyone is  invited to the alpaca shearing!!

A traveling Australian crew shears the alpacas — it’s very interesting to watch.

The alpaca coat is two layers of wool — a rough outer layer and a soft, warm inner layer.  After the wool is sheared, the two types of wool are separated.

Very warm gloves, socks, mittens, and the like made from the inner wool will be for sale.

There is no charge to watch the shearing.  Bring your camera or video camera.  Please park as far off the road as you can.  If you have a dog, please leave the dog at home or in the car so as not to stampede the alpacas.

Related image
Alpacas before shearing . . .
. . . and after.