Volunteer opportunity: Thursday, July 5, 1:00 PM

We will be working in the water at the picnic area on Thursday afternoon, July 5, starting around 1:00 PM, probably a bit earlier — low tide is at 2:00 PM, so we will get started as the tide is going out.

We will take on two projects:

Secure the lid on the gabion basket that we installed a few weeks ago.  See the post below this one for details of what we did then.

Pick up rocks from the area between the breakwaters and the bulkhead.  To do this, we will wade through the area and pick up the underwater rocks we encounter.  We will pick up these rocks from the river bottom and move them to the space between the gabion basket and the western spur.

This work will require wading and working in water that varies from ankle-deep to almost chest-deep.  Wear clothing that can get wet.  Also, wear shoes suitable for wading, and, work gloves.

Meet at the picnic area if you want to work, or, if you just want to watch.  Temperatures and humidity are expected to be high, though not as brutal as the last few days.