CAUTION: Osprey nesting . . . please do not disturb!!!

Along the Potomac River shore west of our picnic area a pair of osprey are raising two chicks.  If you are in the water near this area, PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE OSPREY — when people approach too closely, the adults fly away, leaving the chicks unattended.  Here are some photos to show everyone the osprey family.

Looking west from our picnic area along the Potomac River shore you see the boat lift for Lot 52.  On the other side of the boat lift is a huge osprey nest on the rocks that protect the Lot 52 shoreline.

This is a photo of the osprey nest taken from the driveway of Lot 52.  The picnic area, Lot 52 boat lift and the gate across the driveway are to your right.  When this photo was made, one adult osprey was on the nest with the two chicks.

Here’s a close-up shot of the adult osprey and the chicks — the chicks are the brown objects to the right of the adult.


Another close-up of the adult and chicks.


On the Fourth, the folks on Lot 52 observed people on jet skis zooming close in to the nest, causing the adults to fly away, thereby leaving the chicks unattended.  THIS CAN BE FATAL TO THE CHICKS.  If the adults are driven away from the nest, the chicks will be exposed to the sun, and, the adults may not return as needed to feed the chicks.

PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THE OSPREY NEST.  If you are jet-skiing in this area, please stay at least 100 yards out in the Potomac River.  If you are kayaking, please stay 75-100 yards out in the Potomac.

We need to give these birds a lot of space for the rest of the summer.  They will be gone in late September when they migrate.


At the same time the photos of the osprey were made, a Great Blue Heron was quietly hunting in Presley Creek.

We in Potomac Bay Estates are fortunate to have so much wildlife to observe.  In addition to the osprey and Bald Eagles, we have a lot of waterfowl, both year-round residents and migratory, as well as a huge assortment of songbirds.  Our neighborhood mammals include whitetail deer, fox, coyote, opossum, racoon, groundhogs, and — reportedly — at least one black bear.  Reptiles include the occasional black snake, lots of Eastern box turtles, and an occasional snapping turtle.  Please respect the wildlife !  Thanks !