Hurricane Florence update: Likely landfall on US East Coast Sep 13-14

The odds of a major hurricane making landfall along the East Coast next week keep growing. Forecast models paint an increasingly grim picture, converging on a track that would have what is currently Tropical Storm Florence making a direct hit as a powerful hurricane somewhere along the Southeast coast.

The National Hurricane Center predicts a dangerous major hurricane near the Southeast coast by late in the week.

Potential U.S. landfall is still several days away — probably between Thursday and Friday, September 13-14— and Florence’s ultimate track and intensity are not yet set in stone, with still a small chance that it meanders just off the East Coast and then curls out to sea.

Here is the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.

cone graphic

The notations on the map are:

  • H — Hurricane, winds 74 – 100 MPH
  • M — Major Hurricane, winds over 110 MPH

You should begin to make preparations for a major storm.  Even if Florence does not hit us directly, we likely will get high winds and heavy rain — wind speed, rain amount and storm duration will depend on where the storm makes landfall.

Please do the following:

  • Ensure all doors and windows are securely closed and locked.
  • Tie down or store all outside items — lawn furniture, grills (both charcoal and propane), boats, anything else normally in the lawn or on the deck should be put inside, under your deck, or tied down securely.
  • Ensure your boat is well-secured to the lift.  Or, better yet, take the boat out of the water and park boat on trailer.
  • If you have propane, check your tank level and top it up if it’s below 40%.
  • If you have a generator, check it — check oil, check fuel supply, make certain it starts.
  • If you will be in the neighborhood when the storm hits, you should stock up on perishables — milk, bread, other food — the local Food Lion likely will run low beginning a few days before the storm hits.
  • KEEP TRACK OF THE STORM:  Watch this website; check local TV and radio; check the National Hurricane Center website.

You do not need to stock water.  Our water system has a generator that will keep the pumps running in case of power outage.

We will watch the storm and update the website.

Meanwhile, here’s a satellite photo showing Florence plus two other tropical storms that likely will develop into hurricanes.