Hurricane Florence update: Saturday, Sep 8, 5:30 AM

Here is the latest track projection for Hurricane Florence by the National Hurricane Center.

We will monitor Florence and provide regular updates on this website.  If it appears that Florence will affect our neighborhood, we will provide information to property owners via email.

cone graphic

By 2 AM Tuesday, Sep 11, Florence is projected to be a major hurricane with winds over 110 MPH.  This track indicates Florence could make landfall along the NC-SC coast late on Thursday, Sep 13, continuing into Saturday, Sep 15.

More reporting and forecasts for Florence.  These forecasts project:

  • Winds 145 MPH by 2:00 AM , Thursday, Sep 13
  • Landfall on the NC-SC coast.

This image shows “spaghetti models” for Florence as well as for a newly-formed tropical depression and a new tropical storm, both off the west coast of Africa, possibly headed for the US, the Caribbean, or the Gulf of Mexico.  Note, too, some possible tracks for Florence show the hurricane either (1) making landfall along the NC-VA coast; (2) along the VA coast; or (3) veering to the North or Northeast, missing the US East Coast.

Tropical Storm Florence Spaghetti Model


This satellite photo from the National Hurricane Center shows:

  • Florence
  • A minor tropical depression off the US East Coast (the yellow X)
  • Tropical Depression 9, and,
  • Tropical Storm Helene