Hurricane Florence Update: 2:00 PM, Monday, Sep 10

All projected tracks for Hurricane Florence indicate the storm will make landfall on the SE US coast on Thursday; most likely landfall is on the North Carolina coast.  Our neighborhood likely will experience high wind and heavy rain — this could change if Florence changes direction.  Watch this website for updates.

Here is the latest track from the National Hurricane Center.

cone graphic

This map shows the probability of tropical storm winds — 39 to 73 MPH.  We are in the30-40 percent probability of tropical storm winds.

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]

The maps below represent US National Weather Service and European Weather Service projections of rainfall amounts.  These are a bit difficult to read, however, our neighborhood is expected to receive 5 to 10 inches of rain for the period Thursday, Sep 13 through Tuesday, September 18.  This could change if Florence changes direction.


Based on these projections, assuming Florence remains on her current track, we will experience high winds and heavy rain over the weekend, Thursday, Sep 13 through Sunday, Sep 16.

Go to this link for checklists from the National Hurricane Center for hurricane preparedness.

While our neighborhood may lose electrical power, our water system has a generator, thus, water supply and pressure will be as usual.