Water main break

One of the four main water distribution lines serving our neighborhood broke over the weekend.  The line involved serves all of Presley Drive and the lots west from the intersection of Potomac Drive and Presley Drive — lots 25 through 30, 31, 32, and 33.  Water is turned off to all residences on Presley Drive as well as to the affected lots on Potomac Drive.

If you are not certain of these lots, here is a map of that part of the neighborhood.

Frank Goyette and Joe Schlatter worked Thursday afternoon and located the break.  We had a lot of difficulty locating a plumber; we now have a plumber who will be here first thing Thursday morning, Sep 13.  Water service should be restored to the affected area by noon Thursday.

For everyone’s information:

Four distribution lines come from the pump house located on Presley Drive.  Each line has a shutoff valve.  With this arrangement, if one distribution line breaks, only that line must be shut off, leaving only a part of the neighborhood without water until a repair can be made.

We have two wells, each with its own pump.  The pumps feed a 1,000-gallon tank.  An air compressor maintains pressure on the water in the tank.  When anyone uses water, pressure switches turn on the air compressor and one of the pumps.   The controls alternate between pumps so we do not depend on a single well.  Each well delivers well over 35 gallons per minute, more than enough for our heaviest use.

There is a propane-powered generator that operates the water system in case of power outage.  Thus, when we do have an interruption in electrical power, each residence will have normal water pressure.