PBE POA Board meeting change of date . . . storm report

Sorry to be so late with this announcement:  The PBE POA Board of Directors’ meeting scheduled for Friday, October 12, was cancelled because of the storm.

We will try to hold the meeting in a few weeks.  Watch this site for an announcement.

As for the storm — between about 10:00 PM, Thursday, Oct 11, and 3:00 AM, Friday, Oct 12, we received 7 inches of rain accompanied by winds of 20-25 MPH with sustained gusts to 45 – 50 MPH.

We lost power before midnight, Thursday, Oct 11.  Power was restored four days later, around 6:30 PM, Monday, Oct 15.  The power loss was caused by a power line that was snapped by falling trees and fell across Newman’s Neck Road about 1/2 mile before the entrance to our neighborhood.

Two large trees were blown down blocking Newman’s Neck Road.  Local residents removed these by noon Friday.  We removed a  tree blocking the entrance to the picnic area early Friday morning.

Several houses lost shingles to the wind.  Two houses had windows either blown open, or, broken open by flying debris.  Several neighborhood trees were blown down.

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