Watch for and report suspicious activity in our neighborhood

Around 2:00 PM, Wednesday, January 9, a break-in occurred at a home on Brown’s Store Road, Northumberland County.    The home was ransacked; no report of what was taken.

Two men were spotted in the area about the same time.  They were described as slender white males dressed in white shirts with neckties and dark slacks.  They were on foot, however, a vehicle may have been parked nearby.

Neighbors in the same area also reported hearing two male voices that seemed to be coming from people walking around/through their yards between 2 and 3 AM around the date of the break-in.

From time to time, our neighborhood is visited by young men from the Jehovah’s Witnesses, or, the Latter Day Saints (Mormons).  These young men typically wear dark slacks and white shirts with neckties.  The County sheriff’s investigators suspect the people responsible for the Brown’s Store Road break-in may be dressing as Jehovah’s Witness or Mormon visitors, however, they likely are not representatives of the religious groups.  While visitors from these two religious groups typically are young men, we have been visited by two young Mormon women.

The location of the January 9 break-in — Brown’s Store Road — is in the southeast part of Northumberland County, several miles away from us.  However, the fact of this break-in along with the possibility that the burglars are posing as religious visitors is concerning.

While we have no evidence of recent break-ins or attempted break-ins in our neighborhood, we are providing this information to all property owners to alert you to the need to be aware of suspicious people in the neighborhood.  Two-thirds of the homes in our neighborhood are vacant most of the time while only a few of us live here full time.

Watch for people or vehicles that do not seem to belong here.  If you do not wish to confront strangers, call 911 immediately and report suspicious activity.  If possible, record vehicle descriptions and license numbers as well as details of the suspicious persons — photos or video would be helpful.  Legitimate contractors often work in our neighborhood, even on vacant homes; they are accustomed to being challenged, so, do not hesitate to call 911 for suspicious activity.

Telephone numbers:

  • Northumberland County Emergency Services — Police, Fire, Rescue:  911

  • Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office Non-Emergency Phone:  804-580-5221