Neighborhood garden plot is on the way!!

Thanks to our neighbor Susan McKee, we soon will have a plot of native plants and wildflowers at the entrance to the neighborhood.

As you enter the neighborhood, on your left between the Cooper and Catterton homes, you will see red marker flags that outline a 50 ft X 10 ft area, which is our garden plot.  The plot will be divided into five 10 X 10 plots and anyone who wants can adopt one of these plots.

In April, the gentleman who cuts the big common area will till the garden plots to prepare the soil after which the plot will be ready for planting.

The garden plot will add color to the neighborhood entrance.

Contact Susan or Dave Williams for details.

More information to follow as this project progresses.

Entering the neighborhood on the left you will see red marking flags in the area outlined in black.
In this photo you can see some of the red flags outlining the garden plot.