Thank you!!!! to everyone who volunteered for our work party last Saturday

Many thanks to the folks who volunteered for repair and clean-up work last Saturday, April 27.

  • Jon Wergin and Morris the Wonder Dog

  • Bruce Hulse

  • Joe McShea

  • Tony Polizzi

  • Don and Kathy Peebles

  • Jimmy Burns

  • Dave Williams

  • Frank Goyette

  • Joe Schlatter

We did a lot of work to ensure the safety of the dock in Presley Creek.  All the bolts holding the stringers to the pilings had rusted badly, some even disintegrated.  This created a dangerous situation in which sections of the dock were in danger of collapsing.  Every bolt was replaced, and, some of the support stringers were replaced.  We also cleaned out a lot of debris around the fire department dry hydrant.

Replacing the bolts will ensure the dock is safe for many years.

Thank you, volunteers.