Property assessment message from POA President Dave Williams

On Thursday, December 5th , I met with members of the Northumberland County Reassessment Office, to request that my 2019 land and Bldg/Improvement value NOT be reduced in 2020.

My presentation centered around improvements to the property that were not taken into account based on an exterior walk around.  My points were fully considered and a revised Reassessment value will be mailed in about 4 to 6 weeks.

I learned that Northumberland County has approximately 19,000 taxable properties. 

The properties purchased or sold in the last six years have gone down in value ~ 6%.

Arguments for tax value increase or decrease should include a rationale which will be fully considered.

The absence of locally available jobs was cited as the primary reason for property devaluation.

Property in the other parts of Virginia have also experienced increases and decreased.

The highest increases have been in the Orange area near Charlottesville, by approx. ~ 15%.

I hope that you found this information helpful.  Call 804.453.0712, to file an appeal before Dec 11, 2019.

David L. Williams, President PBE-POA