Winter weather update: Feb 20; 2:00 PM

The National Weather Service in Wakefield, VA, has issued an update to the winter weather warning issued yesterday for East and Southeast Virginia.

Our neighborhood is still expecting light rain, possibly changing to sleet or snow late Thursday afternoon, with a possible overnight accumulation of less than 1 inch.

Coldest temperature of 23 degrees will occur around 6:00 AM Friday, Feb 21.

Wind gusts to 20 MPH are expected.

Temperature forecasts are:

  • Thursday, Feb 20:  High 43, Low 29
  • Friday, Feb 21:  High 39, Low 23
  • Saturday, Feb 22:  High 52, Low 27
  • Temps for the rest of next week will be highs in 50’s, lows in mid-30’s.

The full current winter weather warning is at this link:   20200220_1019AM

Roads may become icy and slick; watch for downed trees or power lines.

Winter weather warning: Thursday afternoon through Friday. Feb 20-21.

The National Weather Service at Wakefield, VA, has issued a winter weather alert that slightly affects our area.  The most serious affects will be along the NC-VA border, possibly reaching as far north as Richmond.  HOWEVER — the storm track can change, bringing winter weather to our neighborhood.

Period of possible winter weather:  Midday Thursday, Feb 20 through late afternoon, Friday, Feb 21.

Impact on our neighborhood:

  • Less than 1-inch accumulation of snow with rain changing to snow late Thursday afternoon and continuing through Thursday night
  • Wind gusts 17 to 32 MPH
  • Lowest temperature expected 6:00 AM Friday, Feb 21:  23 degrees

Here is the full National Weather Service brief.  20200219_0530AM_WxBrief

We will monitor the weather situation and update as necessary.

Watch for:

  • Slick, possibly icy, roads
  • Trees, power poles, power lines down
  • Limited visibility as snow falls

Save the date: Annual meeting, April 18

The Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners’ Association annual meeting will be Saturday, April 18, 2020, in the neighborhood — location and other details will be announced later.

We typically meet at 12:00 noon for potluck with the annual meeting following at 1:00 PM.

The Board of Directors meet immediately following the annual meeting; property owners are welcome to attend the Board meeting.

Neighborhood update: Friday, Feb 7

Weather update

Our neighborhood experienced two days of steady rain with the rain on Thursday, Feb 6, becoming quite hard at times.  We had a total accumulation of 1.6 inches of rain.  As of late Friday, water was still standing in many low areas.

We did not experience any severe weather.  Through the day Friday, wind was steady at 10-12 MPH with gusts to 20-25 MPH.

Water system

Late Friday morning you may have noticed very low water pressure.  We found an electrical problem in the pump house in the circuitry that controls the pumps.  The problem caused Well 3 to not come on when called; Well 1 was stuck in the OFF position; thus, water was not filling the 1,000 gallon pressure tank. (We have two wells:  Well #1 and #3; #2 collapsed several years ago and is sealed.)

Also, the chlorine pump that injects a very small amount of chlorine into our water was running constantly, resulting in the small quantity of water in the pressure tank becoming heavily chlorinated.

We made the following repairs:

  • Repaired the electrical problem (a burned wire, possibly the result of lightning, power surge, or wire chafing).
  • Drained the chlorine-laden water.
  • Refilled the pressure tank.
  • Checked adjustments on pressure switches and other controllers.

The water system was back in normal operation by 2:00 PM. No one lost water, although the pressure in the system was quite low for 2-3 hours.

Severe weather update: 2:00 PM, Thursday, Feb 6

Our neighborhood remains under a heavy rain watch through Saturday morning, Feb 8.

A tornado warning for areas south of us has been added to the National Weather Service warning.

Please download this warning and review the warning maps.  20200206_0124PM

We are in the MARGINAL THREAT area for tornadoes and severe storms.  However, we can expect rain to continue for several hours, possibly into Saturday morning.  We may experience high winds from time to time.

As of 2:00 PM Thursday, Feb 6, we have received a total of 0.32 inches of rain and rain is now falling at the rate of 0.04 inches per hour.

This link will take you to our neighborhood weather station.

Possible severe weather, heavy rain: Wed, Feb 5 through Sat, Feb 8.

The National Weather Service in Wakefield, VA, has issued a severe weather warning that touches on our neighborhood.  While our neighborhood is in the “marginal threat” area, the severe weather can change course at any time over the next three days.

Threats: Periods of moderate to heavy rain could cause flooding Thursday-Thursday night as low pressure and an associated cold front cross the region. In addition, a few strong to severe thunderstorms are possible across south central VA late Thursday afternoon, eventually spreading east to SE VA/NE NC Thursday evening-Thursday night. The Storm Prediction Center has put SE VA/NE NC in a Slight Risk for severe weather, surrounded by a Marginal Risk for the remainder of the area.

Location: There is a threat of flooding across the entire area. The greatest threat for severe weather is over SE VA/NE NC.

Timing: Thursday-Thursday night for heavy rain/flooding. Thursday evening-Thursday night for potential strong to severe thunderstorms.

Overview and Impacts:

·  A widespread 1.5-3.5″ of rain is expected to fall across the area from Thursday through Thursday night.

·  Excessive rain will result in minor flooding of creeks and streams, as well as urban/poor drainage areas. A few instances of flash flooding possible.

·  There is a slight risk of severe weather across south central VA…SE VA/NE NC from Thursday evening-Thursday night.

·  The main severe threat will be damaging wind gusts, which could down trees and power lines, resulting in scattered power outages.

Details of the warning including maps can be found at this link.


According to the maps in the detailed warning:

  • Warning is in effect from 7:00 AM EST Wednesday, FEb 5, until 7:00 AM, Saturday, Feb 8.
  • Greatest period of server weather is anticipated Thursday afternoon, Feb 6 through Thursday night.
  • Our neighborhood is at MARGINAL RISK for severe weather; we are in the 2 – 3 inch rain band.

Remember:  Conditions can change with little notice as this storm moves across S VA and N NC.  Monitor local radio stations; Richmond TV stations; or, the National Weather Service broadcasts.

We will post updated information here as needed.