Neighborhood update: Friday, Feb 7

Weather update

Our neighborhood experienced two days of steady rain with the rain on Thursday, Feb 6, becoming quite hard at times.  We had a total accumulation of 1.6 inches of rain.  As of late Friday, water was still standing in many low areas.

We did not experience any severe weather.  Through the day Friday, wind was steady at 10-12 MPH with gusts to 20-25 MPH.

Water system

Late Friday morning you may have noticed very low water pressure.  We found an electrical problem in the pump house in the circuitry that controls the pumps.  The problem caused Well 3 to not come on when called; Well 1 was stuck in the OFF position; thus, water was not filling the 1,000 gallon pressure tank. (We have two wells:  Well #1 and #3; #2 collapsed several years ago and is sealed.)

Also, the chlorine pump that injects a very small amount of chlorine into our water was running constantly, resulting in the small quantity of water in the pressure tank becoming heavily chlorinated.

We made the following repairs:

  • Repaired the electrical problem (a burned wire, possibly the result of lightning, power surge, or wire chafing).
  • Drained the chlorine-laden water.
  • Refilled the pressure tank.
  • Checked adjustments on pressure switches and other controllers.

The water system was back in normal operation by 2:00 PM. No one lost water, although the pressure in the system was quite low for 2-3 hours.

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