Report on our community water system and COVID-19 virus

As you know, our community has our own water system.  The system was put in place in 1989-90 when our neighborhood was opened.  In 2012 we substantially upgraded the system with a second well; new control system house; 1,000-gallon reserve pressure tank; chlorinator; air pressure pressurization; and additional metering and testing taps.

The Virginia Dept of Health, Office of Drinking Water (ODW) has required all water systems, regardless of size, to report their exposure to COVID-19 virus contamination.  Here is our report to ODW; this report has been accepted and our system is clean.   PBE water COVID-19 assesment

We manage the water system ourselves.  Frank Goyette is a State Licensed Water System Operator as well as being a member of our Board of Directors.  Frank takes direction from the Board and maintains contact with ODW to ensure our water system operation is up-to-date with laws and regulations.  Two other people in the community — Joe McShea and Joe Schlatter — assist Frank with maintenance and testing.  Our water is tested regularly for a variety of possible contaminants and a report of test results is provided to all property owners.  The operator of record of our system is Sydnor Hydro, a professional water system management company; they visit our site quarterly for inspection, and, they are available for emergency repairs that are beyond our repair capability.


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