PBE POE Board approves work to stabilize bulkhead and other matters

The PBE POA Board of Directors met in special meeting at 1:00 PM, Friday, April 17, 2020, to consider (1) emergency repairs and protection for the bulkhead located in the picnic area common area at the west end of Potomac Drive, between lots 30 and 52; and, (2) other business.

Minutes of the Board meeting and the sketch showing work to be done to stabilize the bulkhead are on the MINUTES page.


The Board approved this motion:  

MOTION: The PBE POA Board of Directors approves an expenditure not to exceed $12,000 to (1) repair common area picnic area bulkhead, and, (2) to install gabion baskets for flow control between the breakwater and the Northeast spur adjacent to the pier. The Board appoints Frank Goyette as project manager. The Project Manager will make, at a minimum, weekly progress reports to the Board. The Board will consider requests from the Project Manager to increase the appropriation if needed.

Motion was seconded.

Vote: AYE – 8; NAY – 0. Motion approved

The Board also dealt with two other matters:

  • Date of annual meeting
  • Election of Board members

Date of Annual meeting

The annual meeting scheduled for April 18 was tentatively moved to May 23.  However, the latest information from State is that COVID-19 not expected to crest until August.

Board decided we will not set a date at this time and will inform all members of this decision. The Board also agreed that because the annual meeting will be delayed for 3 months at best or more; reports and information that would normally be presented at the annual meeting (Treasurer’s report, Water system report and Ongoing projects status) will be provided to the members electronically in May.

Election of Board members

Three Board member terms expire in April 2020: Martha Hulse (Treasurer); Frank Goyette (Director); Joe Schlatter (Secretary). By-Laws require an election at the April 2020 meeting to replace or re-elect Board members whose terms expire.

After discussing alternatives, the Board approved the following motion.

MOTION: Postpone Board member election until annual meeting. If in-person annual meeting is impossible, use electronic or by-mail voting for Board members with expiring term.

Motion was seconded.

Vote: AYE – 8; NAY – 0. Motion approved