Bulkhead stabilization project progress report

Frank Goyette, Project Officer for our bulkhead stabilization project, filed this report for the week of June 1 – 5.

A lot was accomplished this week:

Two loads of rip rap were delivered which was more than enough to fill the two gabion baskets that have been placed between the downriver spur and the breakwater. The gabions were also wire closed.

A load of armor stone was delivered which was enough to fill the toe of the scour protection.  Seventy running feet of filter cloth was placed from the whale of the bulkhead to river bottom and eight feet outward covering the bottom of the toe.  The remainder of the riprap left over after filling the gabion baskets was placed against the base of the bulkhead forming a core of the scour protection.

Depending on available delivery, another four loads of armor stone will be delivered and installed next week.

After that is completed, the grading and building of the behind the bulkhead berm will be done followed by seeding and over laying with (straw) germination blanket.  I have purchased Bermuda grass seed that will be mixed with the contractor mix grass seed.  The contractor mix is a quick green mix which should give us cover quickly.  The Bermuda seed will germinate latter but is more salt and drought tolerant.

Joe and I have also been working on building a concrete catch basin/culvert end to insure unobstructed water flow away from the bulkhead and common area through the under road culvert and out to the creek.  We expect to finish it this week to coincide with the final grading.


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