Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias update: 7:00 PM, Friday, July 31

Hurricane Isaias continues to track toward the US East Coast and is projected to turn to the NNE, tracking along the coastline from Florida into New England.  See the latest hurricane information on the National Hurricane Center website.

The storm is expected to affect our neighborhood beginning Monday morning, August 3, and leave our area late Tuesday, August 4.

These following three maps show:

  • Anticipated time of arrival for storm winds
  • Current rainfall projections.  As the storm progresses this likely will change with use receiving more rain than currently indicated.
  • Projected storm track.  An “H” in a black circle indicates hurricane (winds over 73 MPH); an “S” in a black circle indicates tropical storm winds (39 – 73 MPH).

time of arrival graphic


Rainfall amount projections.  Look for the rainfall projected for our neighborhood to increase as the storm approaches.

[Image of WPC QPF U.S. rainfall potential]

Probably path of storm center.  The area shaded in white dots is the area likely to be affected by the storm, including wind and rain.

cone graphic

Here is the latest briefing from the National Weather Service, Wakefield VA.

Finally, here is information on where to find NOAA weather radio on your weather radio receiver or scanner.

KHB36 Manassas 162.550 NORMAL Baltimore/Washington VA
KHB37 Norfolk 162.550 NORMAL Wakefield VA
KJY86 South Boston 162.525 NORMAL Blacksburg VA
KJY99 Accomack 162.525 NORMAL Wakefield VA
KZZ28 Covesville 162.450 NORMAL Baltimore/Washington VA
WXK65 Richmond 162.475 NORMAL Wakefield VA
WXL60 Roanoke 162.475 NORMAL Blacksburg VA
WXL92 Lynchburg 162.550 NORMAL Blacksburg VA
WXM57 Heathsville 162.400 NORMAL Wakefield VA
WZ2500 Sand Mtn 162.450 NORMAL Blacksburg VA
WZ2527 Fredericksburg 162.425 NORMAL Baltimore/Washington VA
WZ2543 Richlands 162.425 NORMAL Blacksburg VA