Sheriff’s office issues alert

The Northumberland County Sheriff’s Office is investigating suspicious activity in the Sunnybank area (Sunnybank is on the east end of the county, near Reedville).

The Sheriff’s office recently was alerted to two people in a white minivan with no front license plate who had attempted to lure two children into the van. The children got away safely. Officers were able to obtain detailed descriptions of the individuals.

The driver was a white male 50 to 70 years old, average height and weight, wearing a brownish colored shirt and a baseball cap with longer hair tucked into the hat. He had a long beard that was brown near his chin and faded as it went down, missing front teeth and a scar on his left cheek. He had a black wedding band on.

The female was described being in her 50’s and of small frame. Wearing a purple shirt and blue jeans, bob styled hair cut with dirty blonde hair color. She was also missing front teeth. She had a large purple ring on her middle finger.

If you see vehicle or individuals matching this description please contact the Sheriff’s office at 804-580-5221.

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