Watch your mailbox

We have put in the mail to everyone an announcement of our outdoor annual meeting to be held on September 26, 1:00 PM, in the picnic area at the west end of Potomac Drive — a few notices were not mailed, but will be hand-delivered.

First, we need to apologize for a typo in the letter announcing the annual meeting. The letter refers to our “202 annual meeting” — which, of course, should be our “2020 annual meeting”. Sorry for the error — it’s a long story.

The letter you will receive includes:
— a letter announcing the 2020 annual meeting;
— a proxy form for those who cannot attend;
— a roster verification form on which to correct your information on our roster
— documents: last fiscal year financial statement, current fiscal year budget,and, required reports (water system and construction);
— a return envelope to return the proxy form and the roster form, if needed.

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