Mail delivery issues

Several of us in the neighborhood have noticed that mail delivery has slowed or stopped over the past few days.  Some report not receiving mail while others are receiving very small amounts of mail, and, that is received long after it was postmarked.  (For example, one individual whose adult children mailed birthday cards to him a week before his birthday did not receive the cards until a week after the birthday.)

One of our neighbors spoke with the Postmaster at the Heathsville PO who said they are “not receiving mail”.

Mail to/from Heathsville is sorted through the Sandston sorting facility in the Richmond area; the delays may be at Sandston.

Small packages continue to arrive.  This may be because FedEx and UPS deliver small packages to the PO who delivers them to addressees, while large packages are delivered by the parcel service to the addressee.  In this case, small packages delivered by FedEx and UPS will continue to flow regardless of what happens to USPS mail.

If you have mailed items to anyone who has not received them, or, if you are expecting anything in the mail, this delay likely will affect you.

We will post any clarifying information we receive.

UPDATE:  One of our neighbors contacted the USPS center in Richmond about the lack of mail delivery to Heathsville.  He then contacted the Heathsville post office again and the postmaster told him that people from the Heathsville PO would go to Richmond and pick up mail for Heathsville.

We noticed that mail was delivered on Friday, Dec 18 — let’s see what happens on Saturday and next week.

Thanks to the Heathsville Post Office staff for doing their best to serve their customers.