Hazardous waste collection: May 1

The Northumberland County hazardous waste spring collection will be held:

  • Saturday, May 1
  • 9:00 AM – 2:00 PM
  • Northumberland Middle School/High School bus parking lot (Hwy 360 just east of Academic Lane)
Items they accept for disposal are:
  • Spent fluorescent bulbs, *unwanted pesticides, *antifreeze, *rechargeable batteries, *cleaners, *oil-based paint/stains, *old/contaminated fuels/petroleum products, *household chemicals, etc.
  • ALSO BRING: *Computers–CPUs and laptops,* mainframes, peripherals; *monitors–CRTs and flat screens; *telephones, cell phones and telephone systems; *fax machines; *printers and copiers; *TVs, *banking and financial equipment; *rechargeable batteries; *electronic circuit boards and components; *stereo equipment, *games, PDAs.

**PLEASE DON’T BRING**: Latex Paint (non-hazardous), Car Batteries, Radioactives, Smoke Detectors, Medical Waste, Medications,
Ammo/Explosives & Household Electrics other than those listed above.

Here is a flyer with full description.  2021HHWSPRING Northumberland WITH COVID info

Latex paint:  If you need to dispose of latex paint, remember, latex paint is mostly water, so:

  • Set your old latex paint, in its can, in a corner of your garage or shed where it will not be in the way.
  • Remove the lid.
  • Leave it alone, check it from time to time.
  • As the water evaporates, the paint residue hardens.
  • After it has completely evaporated and hardened, you can toss the can with the hardened paint residue in your normal household garbage.

Two neighborhood notices — please read

Here are two important notices for our neighborhood:
  • Speed limit reminder
  • Time to shear the critters



Please remind your guests and visitors that the speed limit in our neighborhood is 25 MPH. This is a County and VDOT established speed limit.

Two families with small children are now in our neighborhood, one full-time, the other frequent part-timers. Many of us walk, mainly on Potomac Drive.

We have noticed a few vehicles greatly exceeding 25 MPH. We have not asked for sheriff’s patrols, however, the sheriff’s office has asked that we note license plate numbers of offending vehicles and they will take action.

Please help keep our neighborhood safe by observing the 25 MPH speed limit and reminding your guests and visitors. THANK YOU.


As you approach our neighborhood on Newman’s Neck Road, about 1-1/2 mile away, at the intersection of Newman’s Neck Rd. and Fountaingate Road, is the home of Kathy and Dave Hancock — also known as “Critter Corner” — home to one llama, two dozen alpaca, chickens, guineas, peacocks, two dogs and a long-haired cat.

Each spring the alpacas are sheared (shorn ?) to harvest their wool. The shearing is done by a team of Australian sheep shearers who travel along the East Coast, shearing alpaca and sheep.

The Hancock’s welcome visitors to watch the shearing; you can go into the barn where the shearing is going on. Take your camera and video camera.

Wednesday, April 14
8:00 AM
May want to arrive a little early as there often is a crowd.
Park as far as possible off the road on the shoulder (don’t get into the ditch) on either Newman’s Neck or Fountaingate.