Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources article: Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease

The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR) has issued a warning about the possibility of wild rabbits in Virginia being infected with Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease (RHD), a fatal disease that can affect both wild and domestic rabbits.

Here is a link to the DWR article about RHD — this is a PDF that can be downloaded or printed.

Click to access RBDV2.pdf

While this sounds alarming, DWR points out that no cases of RHD have been confirmed in Virginia — from the DWR article:

As of June 2020, all North American detections in wild rabbits have
been confined to the southwestern U.S. and Mexico. It has also been diagnosed in domestic rabbits in various states, including Ohio (2018),
Washington (2019), and New York (2020).

Note the DWR article states:

  • RHD poses no health threat to humans.
  • The affected animals are wild and domestic rabbits.

While no cases of RHD have been reported in Virginia, we are posting this information because of the presence of wild rabbits (lots of them) in our area.

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