Tropical Storm Elsa to affect our area from early Thursday morning to early Friday morning.

The National Weather Service in Wakefield VA has issued a storm warning for our area.

Go to this link for the current warning.

This link is the NWS flash flood watch.

NWS tropical storm watch.

We recommend you take the following precautions:

  • Tie down or otherwise secure all outdoor items — deck or lawn furniture; grills; bicycles; anything else that can move — tropical storm force winds can turn even large objects into missiles.
  • If your boat is on a lift, be certain it is secured.  If your boat is in a marina, check to ensure it is secure.
  • Be prepared for a power outage that may last several hours.

The National Hurricane Center has released the following projection maps.

Anticipated arrival time of tropical storm force winds

time of arrival graphic

Rainfall Potential — we are in the 2-4 inch area

[Image of WPC QPF U.S. rainfall potential]

Tropical Storm force winds probability — we are in the 10-20 MPH area

[Image of probabilities of 34-kt winds]