Tropical Storm Elsa: Status as of 7:00 AM, Thursday, July 8

Wind and rain from Tropical Storm Elsa are expected to arrive late this afternoon (Thursday) and remain through Thursday night into Friday morning.

This link is to the Accuweather forecast for our area.  Information at this link includes:  Current location of the storm; predicted rainfall amounts; predicted wind speeds; arrival time of winds.

The National Weather Service in Wakefield VA has updated their warnings, projecting that wind and rain from Tropical Storm Elsa will arrive in our area around 4:00 PM Thursday and exit around 5:00 AM Friday.

Because of the high winds, we recommend:

  • Secure all outdoor items — lawn/deck furniture; grill; bicycles; etc.  Either tie down, move inside, or otherwise secure these items so they will not be blown around.
  • Be prepared for power outage(s) lasting several hours.
  • Make certain your boat is securely tied down to lift or at marina.
  • Watch/listen to local TV and radio for weather alerts.
  • Be careful of high water on area rods, especially on Newman’s Neck Road between our neighborhood and Hwy 360.