IMPORTANT NOTICE: Revised PBE POA Documents for your review

In the Commonwealth of Virginia all property owners’ associations are subject to the Code of Virginia Property Owners’ Association Act.  The Virginia legislature revised the Act effective September  2019.  Because our Covenants and Bylaws must not conflict with the superseding Virginia Code, the Board of Directors has reviewed our governing documents and made revisions. The Board  is presenting the revised documents for your consideration and comment prior to our annual meeting ON SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 18.  At the annual meeting in September, we will have the opportunity to question and discuss the changes and hopefully approve the revised versions.

All revised documents are now posted at this link.

Please review the revised documents with special attention to the Bylaws and Covenants.

In addition to revising the Covenants and Bylaws, the Board also revised other governing documents:

  • “Guidelines for the Submission and Review of Construction Plans”.
  • “Rules and Responsibilities for Members of Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners’ Association”.
  • The Board also created a new document, “ Potomac Bay Estates Office of Treasurer Procedures and Compliance” which details financial procedures and safeguards.

To summarize:

  • At the Annual Meeting on Saturday, September 18, the membership will have the opportunity to discuss the revised documents.
  • The Membership will vote on the Bylaws and the Covenants.
  • Although the membership is not required to approve revisions to the other documents, they are included for your information and comment.

Comments or questions may be directed to

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