Board meeting; Alpaca shearing

Board Meeting

The previously announced Board of Directors meeting was held on Tuesday, Feb. 21. Minutes will be posted on the website as soon as all Board members have reviewed them for accuracy.

Alpaca shearing

About 1-1/2 miles before you enter our neighborhood, the road passes Kritter Korner, complete with alpaca, llamas, goats, peacocks, guinea fowl, chickens, several dogs, and a long-haired cat.

Each spring a couple of Aussie sheep shearers travel up the East Coast, stopping along the way to shear sheep, alpaca, and any other critter that needs shearing.

Dave Hancock, our neighbor at Kritter Korner, has scheduled his alpaca to be shorn on SUNDAY, APRIL 16.  In the past, shearing started early — by 7:30 AM — and is completed by 9:00 AM. 

Dave welcomes anyone who wants to come watch the shearing; you can even go into the shed where the shearing takes place. Photos and video are permitted; kids tend to enjoy the spectacle; do not stand in front of the alpaca because they spit when they become excited. Please park as far as you can off the side of the road — don’t go into the ditch.

A couple of years ago, the shearers changed the date at the last minute and we were not informed of the change. We will stay in touch with Dave and inform everyone if there is a change in date or time.

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