Bird watchers alert for our neighborhood


Our neighbors at Sands on the Potomac — the neighborhood immediately downstream from us on the Potomac — have seen and made photos and videos of SANDHILL CRANES in the creek in their neighborhood.

Sandhill Cranes are rare here.  Watch for them — they most likely will be in Presley Creek, not in the Potomac, although some may be in the Potomac close to shore.

Here is a link with info about the Sandhill Crane.

Sandhills are BIG birds — can’t miss them.

Sandhill Crane Adult
Adult Sandhill Crane. Note the deep red eye patch.


The meadowlarks have returned to the big field behind the houses on Potomac Drive.  As of April 17, two pairs have been observed — one near the well house, the other behind the Logan’s at 236 Potomac Dr.

Meadowlarks nest on the ground which is why we prohibit use of 4-wheeleers or any other vehicles in the big field.  More info about the Eastern Meadowlark.

Eastern Meadowlark Breeding adult (Eastern)
Adult Eastern Meadowlark


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