Potomac Bay Estates Grass Cutting Map

Potomac Bay Estates Grass Cutting Map

Our neighborhood grass cutting continues to be contracted to two local lawn services:

  • Thomas Brothers Lawn and Garden Service cuts the BLUE ZONES.
  • Jim Robinson cuts the RED AREAS

Refer to the 2021 PBEPOA Grass Cutting Map:  PBE_2021 Grass Graphic and Text_0315_2021

Blue Zones

The BLUE ZONES are managed by the Thomas Brothers Lawn and Garden Service with bi-weekly mowing and weed whacking.  The BLUE ZONE areas are:

  1. Drainage ditches along Newman’s Neck Road, Potomac Drive, and Presley Drive; the area around the entrance to the neighborhood;
  2. The PBE sign area;
  3. The 1/2 acre area around the native wildflower garden;
  4. The Presley Creek boat ramp area;
  5. The picnic area, Potomac River Pier, common area;
  6. The community wells and water system lot;
  7. A buffer area between lots 39 and 40, and, community septic fields.

The BLUE ZONES are cut every other week, normally on weekdays, usually the week before holidays — Memorial Day, July 4, and Labor Day; not on Sundays or evenings.

Red Zone

Jim Robinson does a bush-hog (rough cut, about 6 inches high) of the large 7-acre common area behind lots 41 through 48.  This area must be cut to prevent forest encroachment because this area is the septic drain fields for most of our lots.

The RED ZONE is cut twice a year:  BEFORE April 15 and AFTER August 15.  Depending on fall grass growth, the area may also be cut a third time in November.  The April 15 and August 15 dates were chosen because they coincide with the start and end of nesting and breeding season for the Eastern Meadowlark and Northern Quail (Bob-White Quail) that nest in the tall grass.

If unimproved lots are not cut by the owners to meet the requirement to keep grass cut to 12 inches in height, the Association contracts with Jim Robinson to cut the lot.  The Association pays for the cutting and bills the lot owner.


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