Potomac Bay Estates Grass Cutting Map

Potomac Bay Estates (PBE) includes both private home sites and common areas.  The two common areas are:

  • An approximately 13-acre area that contains the community wells; pump house with well controls; septic drain fields; open area; and,
  • a picnic, beach and boat launch ramp common area.

The grass in these areas must be cut regularly to maintain the neighborhood’s appearance, control pests (ticks and other “critters” that thrive in tall grass), and to keep the area usable, especially the picnic and beach area.  The grass-cutting period is April through the end of September.

This map shows the Grass cutting map August 2016.

Here is an explanation of what you see on the map.

grass cutting map jpg CROPPED

The red, green and blue area in the center of the map is the large 13-acre common area.

  • The blue portion of this area encompasses the pump house; this area is cut every two weeks during the grass-cutting season.
  • The red and green areas comprise the bulk of the common area.  These two areas (the entire 13-acres) are cut twice a year — once in late May and once in late September or early October, depending on grass height.
  • The red area is cut two more times (a total of four times a year) — usually at the end of June and the end of August, depending on grass growth.  This is done because the grass in the red area encroaches on the home on Lot 40 (Dudley).  By cutting the red area a total of four times a year, Lot 40 retains a view of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

The blue area is cut twice each month; this area includes:

  • The well lot
  • Roadsides
  • Ditches
  • Picnic, beach and boat launch ramp area.