Potomac Bay Estates Grass Cutting Map


Beginning Spring 2018, our neighborhood grass cutting is being done by two local lawn services:  Thomas Brothers, and, James Robinson.

The Thomases cut the ditches, the well house lot, the picnic area and an area around the neighborhood entrance.  They cut these areas every other week during the spring, summer and fall grass-growing season.

Jim Robinson cuts the big common area — the 13-acre area that contains our septic drain fields.  He cuts this area three times a year:  Before April 15; after August 15; in October; in some years there may be a fourth cut before winter.  Grass in this area has a growth spurt in late September-October.  We evaluate the grass height in this area in October and decide when to do the fourth cut in the late fall-early winter.  The April 15 – August 15 cut dates were chosen to protect Eastern Meadowlarks and other birds that nest on the ground in the big common area.

Here is a map showing the grass-cutting schedule as of March 2020.   Grass cutting map March 2020