POA Documents

This page contains PBE POA documents that govern the Association’s activities.

DISCLOSURE PACKET:  Prospective property owners, realtors or settlement agents frequently contact us requesting a disclosure packet.  Virginia statutes require that property owners’ associations make available certain documents to prospective property owners.  Documents that make up the disclosure packet are on this page — there is no fee for these documents.

To view document, click on the link to the right of the document title.  The document will open in a new window.

Property Owners Association Bylaws:   PBE POA ByLaws April 2019

Covenants, as revised and recorded N0v 2009:     PBE POA Restrictive Covenants as recorded Nov 2009

Board Roster: PBE POA Board members positions and terms as of September 2020

PBE Water System Policies and Practices.   pbe-water-sys-op-practices-terms-rev-2016pdf

PBE Rules and Responsibilities for use of common areasPBERules and Responsibilities

New home building guidelinesPBENewBuildingGuidelines

PBE POA Liability Insurance Declaration of Coverage:  PBE POA Insurance 2019 2020


PBE POA members pay POA dues and certain feesSee this page for a list of dues and fees.


Membership Roster.

The PBE POA Secretary maintains a roster of all property owners.  The roster includes:  names; local address; residence address if you do not receive mail here; PBE lot number;  telephone number(s); and, email address/addresses.

Because this roster contains personal information, we will not post the roster on the website, nor will we give the roster to anyone who is not a Potomac Bay Estates property owner.  If you want a copy of the roster, please send an email request to the POA email at potomacbaypoa@hotmail.com .

If you change any of your personal information — address, phone, email, etc. — please advise the Association by email to potomacbaypoa@hotmail.com .

PBE Land Record Maps.

County land records are available online.  The PBE neighborhood is divided among three land record maps that are available at this link.

Beach Project.  A history of the PBE POA Beach Restoration Project and associated documents is on the Beach Project History page of this website.

Grass Cutting Map.

The Association contracts with local lawn care services to cut the grass on common areas of the neighborhood.  The grass-cutting season is May through September, sometimes extending into October, depending on the weather.  A map of the neighborhood with the grass cutting schedule is at this link.

Letter to members from Board of Directors — June 2021

The Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors issued this letter to all members in late June 2021.  Because over 30% of the folks in our neighborhood have joined us recently, the Board wanted to inform everyone of Board and neighborhood activities over the past few years.  Membership Letter 2021