Beach Project Photos

In 2006, Tropical Storm Ernesto tracked up the Chesapeake Bay and stalled for three days.  Tropical storm winds and accompanying high, pounding surf from Ernesto — blowing from the Northeast — destroyed the beach at our picnic area.  Between 2010 and 2016, the Association investigated projects to restore the beach.  In mid-2016 we settled on the design for a beach project that included constructing stone “spurs” that project from the shore into the Potomac River, supplemented by breakwaters at the end of the spurs.  In January 2017 we contracted with a local marine construction company to build the spurs and breakwaters as well as installing an observation deck with stairs going down to where we anticipated sand would collect to form a beach.

Here are photos from February 2017.

Looking east — stone spur, observation deck, stairs.  Sand has formed a beach
Looking west before the deck and stairs were completed.  In the distance is the western spur extending from the shore; the old (small) breakwater; the new larger breakwater; and the eastern spur.  Sand has accumulated to begin forming a beach.


Feb. 9, 2017, after a 24-hour storm blowing from the Northwest; facing West up the Potomac.  The eastern spur is the rock construction curving from the shore in the foreground/right.  The new breakwater is beyond the eastern spur.  The old breakwater is barely visible beyond the first piling on the right.  The western spur is hidden behind the group of pilings on the left.  Note the sand beach that accumulated beside the eastern spur; this beach was not affected by the storm that pounded for 24 hours.


Feb. 9, 2017, facing East.  The two pilings in the foreground are the supports for the old stairs that were destroyed in a storm, Summer 2016. The new breakwater extends from the left-center edge of the photo.  The eastern spur with its built-up beach is at right-center.


Feb. 11, 2017 — Two days after the end of a 24-hour storm that blew from the Northwest.  Note the eastern beach is intact, not damaged by the storm.  The sand and loose boards on the left of the photo are from on-going construction, not storm damage.


Feb. 11, 2017 — Facing East.  The sand piled along the right side of the photo is construction-related.  Note the ample beach that has formed and that was not affected by the storm two days earlier.


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