Our Native Plant and Pollinator Garden

At a meeting early this year, the PBE Board of Directors approved a test Native Plant and Pollinator Garden plot near the entrance to our neighborhood on Newman’s Neck Road.

The plot selected by Sue McKee, the Native Plant Garden Project Manager, is approximately 44 ft X 12 ft and is located on the left of Newman’s Neck Road as you enter the neighborhood, before the intersection with Potomac Drive.

The plants selected for the space features low-, medium- and tall height native plants that attract birds, butterflies and other pollinators.  Sue and her team purchased most plants from the well-known Colesville Nursery in Mechanicsville.

Here are photos of the Native Plant and Pollinator Garden


The photo above shows the garden plot after tilling by Jim Robinson (who cuts the big common area), plant purchase, planting and weeding cloth installed with mulch to retain moisture and keep maintenance to a minimum during the crucial first year of plant and site development.

The next photo (below) shows Sue McKee, Dave Williams, and Corbin the Wonder Dog after working on the garden.

sue dave corbin

THANK YOU to Sue and her Native Garden Team for the great start and completion of Phase I.

Phase II will include continuing gardener duties such as watering and weeding, which will be supported through the growing season by the six person gardening team of volunteers.

The horse trough (shown in the photo above) is filled with water that is used to water the plants.

Everyone is invited to come by, visit the garden, water a few plants and admire our newest community beautification project.

Our Native Plant and Pollinator Garden contains 15 plants.  Here is a page with photos, names and descriptions of the plants.

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