Weather Info

Here are three sources of weather information for our neighborhood.


This is the commercial AccuWeather website set up for our neighborhood by ZIP code (22473).  It shows the current weather condtions; you can select HOURLY or DAILY.  You can also click on the RADAR link and see weather radio for our area from the current time to two hours ahead.


One of our neighbors has a weather station that reports current weather conditions as well as conditions for the past 24 hours.

The report on this page takes a bit of explaining.

  • This link shows very basic current weather information for our neighborhood:   wind speed, most recent gust speed, and direction from which wind is blowing; temperature; dew point; humidity; rainfall since midnight; and current barometric reading.  This data refreshes every five minutes.



  • This link shows weather data in a table that reports data in Greenwich Mean Time format.  Here is an example of the data you will see on this page.
  • time (UTC) temp
    rain 1hr
    rain 24hr
    rain mn
    20230131052317 49 230 2.6 6.1 0.00 0.00 0.00 96 1019.1
    20230131051826 49 231 2.6 6.1 0.00 0.00 0.00 97 1019.2
  • time (UTC Universal Coordinate Time)  UTC is five hours ahead of our time.  The time display of 20230131052317 breaks down to 2023 01 31 (2023 January 31)  052317 (5:23:17 AM which equals 23 minutes 17 seconds after midnight, Jan 31, 2023).
  • rain  (1) 1hr = amount of rainfall in past hour in inches;  (2) 24hr = amount of rainfall in past 24 hours in inches; (3) rain mn – rainfall in past minute in inches, which is the rainfall rate.
  • wind direction is the direction FROM WHICH the wind is blowing in degrees.


National Weather Service, Wakefield VA

At the top left of the Wakefield NWS page is a box in which you enter our ZIP code 22473  then click on GO.  You will be directed to a page with detailed weather information and forecasts for our area.

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