Wildlife Photos

Our neighborhood is located at the confluence of the Potomac River (to the Northwest and North) and the Chesapeake Bay (to the Northeast and East).  We are bounded on the West by Presley Creek and on the East by Cobb Creek.  These waterways provide food and shelter for resident and migratory birds.  Here are photos of some of the shore birds that are residents or seasonal migrants.

Tundra Swans on the Potomac River, Dec 2015

Between mid-December and early February our neighborhood is visited by flocks of Tundra Swans and Snow Geese number 80 to 120 birds.  However, in the winter of 2016-17, we saw only a small flock of 12 – 20 Tundra Swans.

Our area is home to Bald Eagles, some of whom nest in the tall pine trees nearby.  These two are frequent visitors to the shoreline where they watch for fish.

Grey Fox.  Our area is home to both Red and Grey Fox.

Great Blue Heron — frequently seen in local creeks and flying.


Raccoon enjoying dinner on a bird feeder.


Pair of Osprey nesting on a channel marker.   The Osprey are here in the summer, arriving in mid-March, leaving by mid-October.  They nest in tall trees, on man-made nesting platforms, top of water towers, and other high places.  They feed on fish which they catch by diving to the water and snatching any fish they see near the surface.  It’s not unusual to see an Osprey flying back to the nest with a fish flapping in its talons.


More to come — March 3, 2017.

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