Report on our community water system and COVID-19 virus

As you know, our community has our own water system.  The system was put in place in 1989-90 when our neighborhood was opened.  In 2012 we substantially upgraded the system with a second well; new control system house; 1,000-gallon reserve pressure tank; chlorinator; air pressure pressurization; and additional metering and testing taps.

The Virginia Dept of Health, Office of Drinking Water (ODW) has required all water systems, regardless of size, to report their exposure to COVID-19 virus contamination.  Here is our report to ODW; this report has been accepted and our system is clean.   PBE water COVID-19 assesment

We manage the water system ourselves.  Frank Goyette is a State Licensed Water System Operator as well as being a member of our Board of Directors.  Frank takes direction from the Board and maintains contact with ODW to ensure our water system operation is up-to-date with laws and regulations.  Two other people in the community — Joe McShea and Joe Schlatter — assist Frank with maintenance and testing.  Our water is tested regularly for a variety of possible contaminants and a report of test results is provided to all property owners.  The operator of record of our system is Sydnor Hydro, a professional water system management company; they visit our site quarterly for inspection, and, they are available for emergency repairs that are beyond our repair capability.


Northumberland County announces two confirmed COVID-19 cases

The Northumberland County Administrator has issued a press release confirming two cases of COVID-19 virus in the county.  Both are travel related; both are under quarantine and in isolation.

Here is a copy of the County press release:   NoCo Covid first case March 26 (1)

Here is a link to theVirginia Dept of Health COVID-19 information page.  This page has a lot of information for individuals, families and businesses.  The two cases in Northumberland County are not on this map; the map will be updated late tonight.


IMPORTANT NOTICES !!!! Please read.

Annual meeting date change

The PBE POA Annual Meeting scheduled for April 18 has been cancelled.

The annual meeting is now scheduled for Saturday, May 23 — however — this date is subject to change.


Roster update coming

In mid-April we will mail to all property owners a form for you to complete and return to the secretary.  This form will ask you to update your contact information for the POA roster.  (NOTE:  We maintain a roster of all property owners and their contact information, however, to protect your privacy, this roster is closely-held and is not distributed.)

COVID-19 update – March 18, 1:00 AM

Northumberland County has declared a state of emergency.  All county offices are closed to the public but are operating with a skeleton staff.

If you need to do business with a county office, call first and ask for instructions– you will be able to handle business by snail mail, email, or, go to the office where someone will meet you outside.

Offices included are:  County Administrator; Commissioner of Revenue; Treasurer; Voter Registrar; Circuit Court Clerk; fines; Commonwealth’s Attorney; Health Dept; Social Services; County Extension Agent.   The Sheriff’s office has closed their lobby; you can enter the vestibule and talk with the dispatchers using the intercom on the door frame inside the vestibule.

As of late March 17, Virginia has 67 confirmed COVID-19 virus cases with two deaths, both in James City County (near Williamsburg; both 70-yr-old males).  Here is the latest map showing VA COVID-19 cases. VA COVID 19 MARCH 17

For current information as well as cautions for families, individuals, businesses and the like, go to the Virginia Dept of Health COVID-19 website.


PBE POA Board of Directors meeting

The Potomac Bay Estates Property Owners’ Association Board of Directors will meet:

  • Friday, March 20
  • 1:00 PM
  • 4142 Newman’s Neck Road (the Williams residence)

The agenda for this meeting is at this link:   _v.01_0320-2020 Agenda PBE BOD_Dated-v.0312 -handout – Copy (1)

Board meetings are open to all property owners.  Please email us at if you plan to attend.

NOTE:  If you are using a Windows 10 computer and try to open the agenda, you may see a link open at the bottom of the screen that gives you the choice to open or save the document.  When you open the document, it will open in your word processor!!  Sorry — but that’s the way Win10 works on some systems.